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Tasting menu

Dry Martini Gazpacho waters

Traditional “hanging tomatoes” filled with sardines

Great macaroni of caramelised bread, spicy stir-fry and basil cream

Hazelnut’s butter with bread crusts and caviar

Nori seaweed cannula with wild Japanese cured salmon

Infused red prawns' bouillabaisse

Gruyere’s egg with black truffle, onions reduction sauce and Tahitian vanilla

“Surf & turf” farm chicken wings and crayfish with picada texture

Cod fish cheeks with Pil Pil of spinaches, calamar water, cod fish tripes and codium seaweed

Tuna flask a la royale with black garlic, almond cream and nasturtium leaves

Wild pigeon with a ravioli made from mushrooms and his own meat


Osmotized apple with yogurt and coconut

“Mel I mató”, calamansi cracker, caramel ice cream and nut’s crumble

Chocolate sponge cake and Jack Daniel’s woods vanilla ice cream

Petit fours


150€ (taxes included)
*Drinks not included.

Wine pairing:

No wine pairing
Wine pairing
75€ (taxes included)
*Does include water and cafeteria

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